Sunday, August 25, 2019

What Customers Don't Know Won't Hurt Them, Will It Case Study

What Customers Don't Know Won't Hurt Them, Will It - Case Study Example Thirdly, there is another cause of conflict in that there is a clash in goals and objectives. The objective of the company is to maximize profit while the objective of Elena is to work hard and transparently so that she can climb the management hierarchy. This causes the conflict since the objective of Elena is hampered by the lies the management is employing. This leads to another cause of conflict, which is the substandard job performance by Elena. Another source of conflict is the difference over procedures and methods used by the management. Elena prefers being truthful but the management prefers using lies to please customers. The last major cause of conflict is non-compliance with the set rules and principles. The management recommends using lies while Elena prefers being truthful. 3.  Ã‚  Ã‚  Identify two conflict resolution strategies that would be effective in the short-term and two that would be effective in the long-term in this situation. Discuss why these strategies would be effective, given the sources of conflict you have identified. Two conflict resolution strategies can be used in this case for a short term. One of them is compromise where Elena can compromise with the situation in the company to save her job. The second strategy that she can employ is collaboration. Elena can collaborate with the company in order to save her career. These decisions will have impacts in both the long term and short term (Aryan college). The sources of power according to Elena’s case reward power. Elena works hard in the company knowing very well that hard work will be rewarded by climbing the management hierarchy. The second source of power and that raises conflict is the coercive power. Elena is afraid of her supervisor using this power against her since it can lead to demotion or loss of the job. The third source of power that Elena encounters which involves her supervisor is the referent power. Elena works

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