Thursday, August 29, 2019

Commonwealth Government's Work Choices Legislation Essay

Commonwealth Government's Work Choices Legislation - Essay Example It rationalized the existing classification structures so they remain relevant to the modern workplace relations system while recognizing the different skill sets of employees. Revitalized dismissal laws whereby the Government will protect all employees from unlawful termination and dismissal on discriminatory grounds such as race, colour, sex, union membership, pregnancy, etc. Any liberalization moves are bound to inconvenience some self-serving caucus who are the beneficiaries of non-competitive enterprise arrangement. In Australia it included Trade Unions, Business Community and opposition political parties who has the natural accumen to fish in muddled water. In a modern democratic set up such constitutional disputes finally land up in the highest court of law for legitimacy. The Australian High Court decreed this with a majority verdict in favour of the government. The organized working class consists of a large chunk of the population in any country. They mainly constitute the middle class and are the opinion makers and can exert envious influence on the polity of a nation. In a democratic country they constitute sizable vote bank, which a political party can ignore at their own peril. The successful Bolshevist Revolution, the decisive defeat of Communism in Germany with the help of organized labor movement, the progressive metamorphosis of American capitalism into a "welfare capitalism", etc. are indelible models where working class became important tools to usher in lasting impact on the contemporary society. Therefore, we see a deep-rooted nexus between political parties and trade unions all over the world. Theirs is a husband and wife relationship, indispensable to both. With mutual understanding and cooperation both can survive the travails of life; and any impudence on the part of one can destroy the prospects of both. In most modern de mocratic countries we see political parties with the imbibed philosophy and names of the working class struggle. Instances are many where trade union leaders have risen to positions to guide the destiny of their nation. It is therefore, inevitable for any ruling setup in a country to succumb to the influence of the organized labor unions. The intense lobbying by trade unions for the passage of The Employee Free Choices Act of America, by the US Law-Makers is a live example of the trade union domination over political parties. Recently, with Democrats gaining majority in the Congress the Bill was passed in the House of Representatives and is struggling to get past the Senate where Democrats do not have majority. It will certainly become a law after the next presidential elections due to strong labor pressures and lobbying. Background to the Work Choices Legislation The Liberal and National Coalition's 2004 Election Manifesto1 had committed to the electorate to introduce a "Flexible Workplace Relations" in the economic activities of the country.A New Workplace

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