Saturday, August 24, 2019

College Is Important Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

College Is Important - Essay Example However, it is common knowledge that good educational institutions can contribute a lot towards the overall development of a student’s personality. A classroom very often functions as a cross section of the society to which students have to venture out after their studies. Those students who maintain good communication and inter-personal skills will naturally be better equipped to face the challenges in life gracefully. At the same time, a group environment provides opportunities for timid and uncommunicative students to learn socially desirable behavior pattern in a friendly environment. Instead of typecasting students into various categories, good colleges give equal opportunity for everyone to grow, even as they retain the essence of their inner personality. The challenges one has to meet in a college are comparable to those in real life. One gets enough opportunities to work under pressure and meet deadlines. Peer pressure very often brings the best out of many students. Good teachers guide them through the difficult phases in their learning process, and some teachers even go out of their way to help out students in major crises of life. One learns in colleges to interact diplomatically with people from all spheres of life. The demand to work systematically helps students immensely in their life outside college as well. The sense of discipline in classrooms based on a democratic spirit helps students act properly in situations of conflict. Life in college offers an opportunity to explore one’s socializing skills and also to participate in group sports. The best thing about studying in a big campus is the free access to gym, swimming pool and sports stadium. One gets to make use of such facilities which are otherwise very difficult to afford in life. Those who are inclined to make use of these facilities get an opportunity to combine their studies

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