Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Ethics and Social Responsibility in International Business Research Paper

Ethics and Social Responsibility in International Business - Research Paper Example This essay stresses that passive responsibility refers to a case where the company shuns from indulging in socially risky acts while active responsibility is whereby companies engage in actions that directly advance social objectives. This paper declares that any successful attempt starts with the customer by understanding their tribulations and attempting to establish how these problems are related to their needs. With the increasing world economy currently, customers are getting to be more of a mix of international and local consumers. Today’s companies are trying to achieve competitive gain by providing services or products to attain the requirements of the international consumer. To make these companies to effectively develop and market their goods and or services globally a clear understanding of the social and ethical responsibilities should be established for all stakeholders. These ethical and social responsibility standards should be incorporated in a company’s DNA giving room for more conventional and positive effect on all stakeholders. Ethics usually centers on conduct or ethical evils that occur in a company, institution or any business enterprise. The conduct is thus analyzed from the p osition of an individual’s behavior or organizational behavior in general. It therefore essential that any time the firm’s morale standards are polished, the customer’s attitude and that of the society as a whole is positive towards the firm. Henceforth, the income accumulated form the sales are excessively likely to remain at all times high. For example I n the current world, big corporation’s opera ting internationally support their companies’ image with ethical standards and social responsibility bonds. In the past and even in the modern world, business involved inhuman activities like human trafficking, colonialism and slavery, this type of business only met the benefits of one party against the other. However, with the emergence of business ethics, the world of business has been transformed to a point where the demands of both parties are achieved without interfering with human rights as suggested by Trevino and Nelson (147). Therefore a compa ny is required to make as much profits as it can as it conforms to the ethical guidelines of the society both those set in the law and those personified under customary ethics. Ethics and social responsibility overcomes every aspect, small of big in international business. The following are some of the practical business areas where this is a main concern: Management strategy A great level of sustainable success is attainable in an employee/customer facilitating environment. Where employees, consumers and suppliers are treated kindly, their

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