Friday, August 9, 2019

Define the marketing information system Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Define the marketing information system - Essay Example The environment is getting tougher and more competitive, a business that needs to be successful not only has to be competitive but also be equipped with latest technology and a perfect combination of human minds. The concept of making profit has now shifted itself into a new form called ‘customer satisfaction’. Every organization looks to satisfy their customers and this could be done when the firm delivers the exact thing the customer requires. This can be achieved through a number of ways, firstly by good communication, secondly by observing the different customer behaviors and their preferences. The two ways mentioned above need a track record of the customer so as to deduce results of the consumer preferences and choices. Here comes the factor technology as it provides a simple information system that has the ability to store data about the customer, which eventually helps the manager in analyzing different customer and then making sure they are satisfied. The basic function of a database is to help the managers in making important and vital not only strategic decisions but also operational decisions. A very common example is an organization that uses an information system to keep records of the customers and its name is Proctor & Gamble. The P & G has been conducting its business successfully all over the globe and they have a simple marketing information system that keeps a track of the customer purchases as they have all the records of the customer purchases that have been made of their products. This helps them analyze the product’s weaknesses and strengths, and then they can improve it according to their customers. The method they use is entering the purchases of every individual customer separately on a database. This database later is used by research experts to explore different innovations in the product if its not working or else how to keep a famous product selling for a longer period of time. The information gathered is simpl e for example

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