Friday, August 2, 2019

The Most Intelligence Person I Know

My friend Alejandra is the most intelligent person I know. Griselda Vasquez English 115 Professor Stagnaro 10/3/2012 What is intelligence? According to David Wechsel, â€Å"Intelligence is the aggregate or global capacity of the individual to act purposefully, to think rationally and to deal effectively with his environment†. Human intelligence is the capacity that a human has to adapt successfully to the world. I define Intelligence as the ability of humans to achieve objectives in life.The most intelligent person I know is my best girlfriend Alejandra because she is so creative; she is a good problem solver, and she is responsible. My best friend Alejandra is so creative in the way that she always has something new to show to other people. She does original and unexpected things, though sometimes she expresses in them an uncommon way. She always surprises me in different ways; for example, my last birthday, she organized a big theme party for me. Ale made all guests dress in red and she made beautiful decorations for the tables; she decorates a dry branch with necklaces and rhinestones hung on it.My friend also did cute cupcakes and cookies with the shape of the peace and love symbol. Ale has a lot of imagination and she is able to create things that some people cannot imagine; for example, my friend can do beautiful things with just a paper or other recycled material that have on her hands. She makes all kinds of flowers of any size with crepe paper. Furthermore, she can make bags, belts and bracelets with bottle caps, plastic or cans. Alejandra has the ability to take advantage of any situation or thing that she develops.She always relates her ideas to something that can have a benefit in her life; an example is when she wants something and for some reason does not have enough money to buy it, she uses her creativity and makes key chains or bracelets to sell and thus get money to achieve her goal of having that thing. Besides doing everything in deta il until bring it to be perfect or near perfect. Her creativity is amazing. My friend Alejandra has a great ability to solve problems. She has the capacity to solve math and life problems.Ale never sees the problems as something unacceptable in her life; on the contrary, she sees problems as a normal part of life. She always says that if in life there are no obstacles or problems, then it’s not life. She thinks that problems always can be solved and none is too big to not be resolved. She always looks at the way that her problems are solved, learns from them, and improves the idea. She is a good problem solver because she needs to work and study at same time, she doesn’t have the support of her parents and in spite for that, she knows how to get ahead and pay her rent, school, phone bill, and everything she needs to survive.Also, she helps other people solve their problems by giving advice and support. When I have a problem, she always gives me her support and helps me to feel better. Moreover Alejandra has the capacity to solve math problems quickly. A good example of this is when we were in high school she never cared about studying for math tests, she was always the first to finish the exams, and she also was the one who always had the best score on test of the whole group. She is so smart in this area for that she is going to graduate with honors in accounting. My friend is the most responsible person I know, both into thoughts and actions.She is very responsible when it comes work and school. She always does her work on time and puts all her effort in, no matter whether she likes or does not like it. Ale always arrives on time to every class, appointment, or job she has; for example when she had the interview for her current job. She arrived fifteen minutes before her appointment time. My friend is a responsible person when making decisions and accepts the consequences of her actions. When she does something wrong and she knows it, she is aw are of her actions and assumes the consequences of it even if it costs some work. Last year she had to make a hard decision in her life.She had to decide between staying in Tijuana or move to San Luis Potosi with her parents. She decided stay in Tijuana and take the responsibility to charge her life by herself without any help. Also, she was responsible when she had to take care of her siblings. Before her parents left Tijuana, they had seafood restaurants and her responsibility was to take care of her family business. She goes in it on time and does her best. She learns what she doesn't already know to benefit the business, and other employees, and customers. She leaves when her work is done, not sneaking out early or slang off and leaving work for others to do.She picks up after herself at home, pays her bills on time, she doesn't go into debt, she doesn't make promises she can't keep, and she doesn't stand people up when she promises to be there. She keeps her word to others and to herself. She reaches out a helping hand and asks for help when she needs it. She takes care of her health. These qualities have my friend as being creative, solving problems easily, and being responsible causes and she is the smartest person I know because she knows how to lead her life to success and achieve all her goals successfully.

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