Monday, August 26, 2019

Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 72

Assignment - Essay Example The health care sector is highly complex and therefore requires utmost efficiency in terms of making decisions. When making decisions concerning a given problem or situation it is necessary to first make sure that the problem at hand is well understood. A detailed analysis of the problem may be laid down in a bid to ensure that the decisions made leave no loop holes. Failure to understand the situation or problem in play may lead to wrong decisions without having solved the real problem. For instance, a research showed that experienced nurse executives make quick decisions without â€Å"a thorough analysis, a strategy that may result in the right decision for the wrong problem† (Effken, Verran, Logue, and Hsu 2010, p.3). This implies that an analysis of the problem plays a great role in making the right decisions. After the analysis, all possible solutions should be stipulated in line with the situation at hand. All alternatives presented should be received with an open mind and an alternative should only be dismissed due to its inability to provide a solution and not just because it may be unpleasant to a particular individual. Carefully considering all alternatives the best one should be identified followed by a suitable execution plan. Having taken the best course of action, it is highly likely that the right decision will be made. Effective decisions should give solutions to the root causes not just the general problems thereby ensuring that the problem is not frequently recurrent. This may be particularly important in nursing to ensure that the diagnosis given attains full cure of the patients. In making managerial decisions, it is important to first try to predict the implications at each level since they affect the whole organization. Effective decision making is important since it leads to achievement of organizational goals. Realization of the set objectives is only possible through cooperation across the entire

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