Saturday, August 10, 2019

Brand Extension Marketing Plan Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Brand Extension Marketing Plan - Research Paper Example Lavington Green Village is an estate that is mainly made up of high class persons who live luxurious lives. Therefore, the customers mainly demand products that will improve their living standards or increase their lifestyles. Low class products do not have an impact on the market since the people already have the product. This is known from the statistics taken by Clean-So Company. Secondary market trends; these will be short term price fluctuations in the market which may last for only a few days or weeks. Under this trend, the prices may rise or may fall. This trend will affect the way in which the customers view the product because; customers may generalize a price increase to have affected all the products in the market (Winer, 2004). Secular market trend; under this trend, customers are likely to change their tastes and preferences since the trend is long-term. Primary market trend; this trend will also influence the customers since it lasts for a year or more. Therefore, by at the end of one whole year the customers will have changed to other products (EconomyWatch, 2010). The market is growing since; statistics show that there has been a continuous increase in the users of the products each year. The population also keeps on increasing and hence, the users of the products keep on increasing in number. The growth trends observed includes cyclic and exponential trends. This is evidenced by the data which shows that the numbers of customers have been increasing exponentially. A growing market implies an increasing demand and hence; the company will address it by increasing the output. Strengths; the company has three key strengths which include; it has a strong marketing unit and hence can attract a large number of customers. The company also has qualified and experienced employees. Thirdly, it has the strength of being innovative and creative. However, the company

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