Sunday, September 8, 2019

Visual Analysis Assessment Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Visual Analysis Assessment - Assignment Example She is standing sideways with her hands akimbo. There is a telephone to the left of Mr. Clark and next to the telephone is a sculpture in the shape of a flower. . There is a table in front of Mrs. Clark with a yellow book and a vase full of lilies sitting on it. Green shutters frame the door through which a balcony is visible from behind Mr. and Mrs. Clarke. Beyond the balcony is a house and the top branches of trees are visible creating the idea that the couple were painted on the first or second floor (Hockney, 2001). There is a painting on the wall behind Mrs. Clark. The details of the painting are not very clear but one can see buildings with water on the foreground. The three-dimensional aspect of the painting creates a perspective that creates space. The painting is divided into three sections: foreground, middle and background. The foreground consists of the table, the vase, white lily flowers and the yellow book. The cat (named Percy), Mr. and Mrs. Clark, the telephone and the Indian art are placed in the middle. The background entails the outside world as seen through the open door, the paintings on the wall behind Mrs. Clark and the rest of the wall. The carpet joins the foreground with the middle ground seamlessly. Colors were creatively used to enhance perspective in the painting. The background between the couple consists of light colors that create an illusion of light from the outside coming in the room and illuminating the entire room. Darker colors have been used on Mr. Clark’s side while lighter colors have been used on Mrs. Clark’s side. There is a unique interplay of light and dark colors to Mr. Clark’s shadow, which appear lighter than the shadow created by both the telephone and the Indian sculpture. Besides, the painting can be divided into two based on the interplay between the dark and the light colors. Mr. Clark’s side of the painting is darker and is progressively lighter towards Mrs. Clark’s

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