Saturday, September 7, 2019

Quality vs. Quantity in the Nursing Profession Essay

Quality vs. Quantity in the Nursing Profession - Essay Example For almost 200 years, nursing has been a profession with high standards of ethical service. It is not surprising how people looked up to the profession with respect and awe. The profession is not just about wearing the ever-identified white cap over one's heads and playing second fiddle to the physician. The scope of the nursing profession has made it easier to identify possible problems that may pose as a hindrance to its development in the near future. Current issues plaguing the profession are not allowed to taint what the past has meticulously built and endowed. The new generation nurses are then tasked to make sure the profession continue being regarded with esteem despite global problems. There have been accusations that the current nursing education does not produce enough competent nurses. Recent commercialization in the educational system owes to inconvenience this profession. Current diploma programs and associate nursing programs are offered as a shorter track to allow the resource pools to stretch faster. It is a common knowledge though, that the mastery of skills in the real world takes more time to adjust to the demands of practical full time nursing. Theoretical preparation however equips a practitioner the full understanding and applications of learning applicable to the actual practice. Education does play a central role into the nurses' profession but practice makes a better nurse. To address the issue of fast-track education which promotes incompetence, the different states have identified entry levels into the practice of professional nursing. The State of Texas and other states have identified licensed nursing practice along a continuum from the licensed vocational nurse to the doctorate prepared registered nurses. Vocational nurses are required to pass the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses (NCLEX-PN). Granted with a 90-day temporary permit, examinees are required to practice with direct supervision before allowance of a licensed practice. Baccalaureate degree holders, considered as articulate in the broader Nursing perspective are also required to take the NCLEX-RN and a 60-day temporary period while waiting testing and licensure. Other states have their own various rules and advisories however dwell on the same premise as the State of Texas and the rest. Considering that major employers for nurses are hospital- based institutions, the face of the nursing education is being monitored by the government to undergo face-lifts in their educational programs. Despite the widespread difficulties encountered, professional nursing practice is prevailed upon by the actual educational preparation of a nurse and her exposure to the technical nursing skills. The United Kingdom, recognizing the same potential for the same kind of grievance has addressed the issue in a different manner. Ensuring high standards of care in hospitals, routine inspections by the Commission for Health Improvement and Patient Environment Action Team is tasked to oversee the matter. According to Health Minister John Denham, "over 400 nurse consultants will be posted with new top clinical grade for nurses and midwives". Sarah Mullaly, the Chief Nursing Officer added that "the majority of nursing care delivered in the country

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