Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Compare film messages Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Compare film messages - Assignment Example This is actually contrary to the main goal why the unions were established, helping people gain their rights like safe working conditions and wages commensurate to their efforts. The boss of the dock, Johnny Friendly can be said to be the Moneybag, making profits at all costs. Johnny engages in serious acts of murder, hiring people selectively. The people are filed with much terror and cannot testify against Johnny in the court. However, this silence is broken when Terry unites the people against Johnny and their strength helps to root out these leaders, which illustrates how people with unity of strength cannot be derailed by any kind of obstacle. The â€Å"Front,† refers to a comedy drama and film concerning some of the Hollywood artists that had been blacklisted in the times of live television. During this time, some of the famous directors, artists and writers had been rendered unemployable after being accused of being in support of Communism (Kasdan 65). One New York City cashier in a famous restaurant in the 1950s, Howard Prince has a friend that works for a television, since this friend is blacklisted, he requests Howard to write his name as the producer of some of the TV scripts (Kasdan 56). Howard agrees since he knows he will be entitled to s percentage of the proceeds. The scripts are accepted since they have a person not blacklisted. Later Howard lands in trouble with the Committee that investigates the entire production and programming (Dickos 67). He is made to face the reality of this industry, but accepts it gracefully since he had made some proceeds out of it. In the â€Å"Double Indemnity† film, the authors and directors of this film have used a very dark tone, which features in both thematic and visually. It illustrates of a hero that is led the wrong direction through lust and greed as well as fame. The indemnity film has made a great use of the shadows, which portray

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