Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Observation report Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Observation report - Research Paper Example In the past, this particular school had been reviewed around 12 times. In accordance with this result associated with the review, it provides the scenario of 3rd rating. Besides, the school phone number is given as 718-278-1220. The name of the Principal of the school is Ms. Rebecca Heyward. The classroom represents a 2nd grade special education. The classroom uses the technology of Individual Education Program (IEP) for providing information to the students. The width of the classroom is about 25 square feet. The classroom has many colourful posters and also has colours of ‘transparent submicron suspension’ within it. However, I have observed that the students do not give heed to the colourful walls and posters. The names of the students present in the class are Adan, Reinaldo, Jeaden, Chris, Julissa, Nicholas, Mathews, Lucia and Khamari. On close observation, I found out that the students were very friendly and used to call me by the name Mr. R. Out of these special children; few seemed to me to be quite normal. I observed that Mathew and Reinaldo were very energetic and good in mathematics. I had conducted a test on the fourth day, which they both passed without making any mistakes. The names of the teachers are Ms. Pappas, Mrs. Messano and Mrs. Draz. These teachers are competent enough in the ground of paraprofessional. The domain of planning related to the aspect of study involves chart that reflects a series of elements being involved to teach the special students effectively. I have observed that it involves birthday celebrations lists. Besides, it incorporates the school book of the month that contains the name of 100 American Women. In terms of planning that has been quite noticeable, there is a reading unit that mainly introduces the students with the historical background of the United States. The teaching module plan also entails the

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