Friday, September 13, 2019

Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 7

Personal Statement Example This becomes one of the major reasons why I am applying for MSC Finance course at the Manchester Business School. To introduce myself, I am Mr. Shawn, a three year student from Bangor University. I studied at the Beijing Institute of Technology for two years. After that, I planned to come to UK for further studies. I achieved an excellent academic result during my second year Bachelor degree study with average score of 75.7. Finance was one of my strongest subjects, in which I scored 86 marks. Strong basic knowledge of math and flexible thinking supported me to get exceptional results in Probability and Optimization and Statistical Methods, with 99 and 94 scores respectively. This proves that I have always been a first-class student. My teachers and professors always considered me a student worthy of reward. I feel that I have enough knowledge and passion to know more about the financial market. Studying finance will not only increase my learning about the financial market, but will also help me achieve a reasonable job. I shall prove to be an excellent professional as I am really interested in solving different financial challenge. To maintain my interest, I keep myself updated with market requirements. I have always thought about bringing my knowledge into use that I gained during my college. I keep on reading related journals, books and magazines, and attend related seminars held in my vicinity. I feel that I possess those special skills needed to fulfill the requirements for this course. I have always come up fresh, innovative and unique ideas. I believe that I have huge potential to improve my academic ability. I always visit the business part of BBC news which enables me to connect what I learnt with the real business world. I am especially interested in the news about Finance and Economics. Now, I shall discuss some of my personal qualities that make me proud of who I am, and which will surely help me in my professional life as well. My best talents incl ude good organization, discipline, carefulness, thoughtfulness, and getting things done in time. I like to put in my best efforts in whatever I do, and I never give up no matter what it takes. I am good at basketball as a point guard. I also have a craze with music, and I love playing piano. I am proud to state that I am a very good learner, and pick up concepts quickly. I keep myself updated with the latest tech information. I have expertise in MS Excel, Word, Power point, Publisher, and Access. I also love working in Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw. I am a very kind-hearted person, an example of which is my efforts to help Jiaheng Peng, who was a pilot of American volunteer group (the customer gave me this name) in Second World War. He is suffering from leukemia, and my friends and I raised around 1,000 Yuan by launching a donation campaign in Zhongguancun, China. It is also important to state why I chose MBS. The Manchester Business School is a reputable institute, and the atmosph ere of study is incredible. I realized this after listening to a lecture of Xianping Lang, who is a famous Chinese economist. This proves that MBS enjoys a high reputation in the world. Also, the contents of the courses offered by MSC Finance at MBS are first-rate and basic, and they suit today’s business field. I am still preparing to apply for MSC Finance and Investment, MSC Finance and Econo

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