Monday, September 23, 2019

Group Dynamics Negotiation Resolution and Conflict Essay

Group Dynamics Negotiation Resolution and Conflict - Essay Example This can only be accomplished through facing up to conflicts and addressing them, rather than steering clear of them. In one situation, there happened to arise a conflict between the management and a group of workers in a food production company. This mainly arose due to the employment terms whereby the full time employees felt that the part time employees were favored by being paid $3 more per hour while working during odd hours. The full time workers were engaged for six hours per day and were entitled to employment benefits that are required by the law. This was not applied for part time workers who only worked for 3 hours in the evening (Russett 2007). This caused a conflict that led to dissatisfaction amongst the full time employees, lowering the organizational productivity. The goal of the employees was that their hourly rates be equal to that of part time workers, while the management felt that the rationale behind the arrangement was the fact that there were differences in the employment benefits entitled to the workers. Under the prevailing conditions both parties had to find a solution since they were mutually dependent in the work place. The management had to maintain the organization’s profitability while the workers needed to maintain their job for their welfare. Group dynamics would have affected the outcome due to differences in opinion if they could not have been addressed. The tactics used by the negotiators were focused on addressing these differences in order for both parties to understand each other’s point of view. Each party went over their views and the disagreement was clear for both of them. The management began by explaining the rationale behind setting up differences in the terms of employment for the part time and full time workers. It also suggested the plans that were being developed in order to improve the working conditions of the workers, which included an extension of the paid

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