Monday, October 21, 2019

How to Use a My Service Canada Account

How to Use a My Service Canada Account The My Service Canada Account (MSCA) is available from Service Canada, the federal department charged with delivering a wide variety of government services. The account provides secure online access to view and update your personal information on Employment Insurance (EI), the Canada Pension Plan (CPP), and Old Age Security (OAS). How to Obtain an Access Code Before you can register for a My Service Canada Account, you need an access code- either an EI access code if you are applying for EI benefits or a Personal Access Code, which you must request. The four-digit EI Access Code is printed in the shaded area on the benefit statement mailed to you after you apply for Employment Insurance. To request a seven-digit Personal Access Code (PAC), read the information on the Request a Personal Access Code page. Read and print the Privacy Notice Statement for your records. Select continue, provide the following information, and submit your: Social Insurance NumberFirst nameLast nameDate of birthMothers maiden namePostal code and address information It will take five  to 10 days to receive your PAC by mail. Once you have an access code, you can register for a My Service Canada Account online. How to Register and Log In At the MSCA website, you can choose between logging in with CGKey using a Government of Canada User ID and password or using credentials you may already have with a Sign-In Partner, such as those you use for online banking. When you use a Sign-In Partner, Service Canada will not share personal information with the partner about the government services you access and the partner will not provide personal information it holds to Service Canada during the login process. Service Canada will not know which partner you are using. If you are a first-time user, follow the registration instructions to complete the sign-up process before logging in. GCKey Registration First, read and accept the terms and conditions. Be prepared to: Create a User IDCreate recovery questions, answers, and hintsCreate and confirm a password Sign-In Partner Registration Read and agree to the terms and conditionsSelect a Sign-In Partner Employment Insurance (EI) Once you are logged in, you can use the My Service Canada Account tool to view your electronic Records of Employment (ROEs) and information on your EI claim, including your weekly benefit rate, the start and end date of your claim, the start and end of your waiting period, your allowable earnings, the number of weeks you will be entitled to receive EI benefits, the number of weeks of EI benefits you have already received, payment dates, and details about payment deductions. This account tool also allows you to: View information on past EI claimsSubmit an Absence From Canada formSubmit a Course or Training formPrint your T4E tax slip for EI benefits to use when filing your income tax returnStart or stop the mailing of your T4E tax slipsRegister to pay EI premiums on your self-employment incomeChange your address or telephone informationSign up for direct deposit or change your banking information Canada Pension Plan (CPP) The My Service Account allows you to view information about your Canada Pension Plan (CPP) benefits and view and print your CPP Statement of Contributions. You can also use this tool to: Get an estimate of your CPP retirement benefitsPrint your T4A(P) tax slip for CPP benefits to use when you file your income taxesStart or stop the mailing of your T4A(P) tax slipsChange your address or telephone information (some exceptions apply)Sign up for direct deposit or change your banking information Old Age Security (OAS) Information on Old Age Security (OAS) benefits is also available in the My Service Account. The details of your benefits- including payment dates and monthly amounts- is found here. The tool also allows you to: Print your T4A (OAS) tax slip for OAS income for your income tax returnChange your address or telephone information (some exceptions apply)Sign up for direct deposit or change your banking information Questions and Assistance If you have difficulty using the My Service Canada Account tool, visit the nearest Service Canada Office. Experienced government personnel will be available to answer questions and provide assistance.

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