Saturday, October 5, 2019

Campaign rhetoric Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Campaign rhetoric - Coursework Example It cuts across various age brackets but the young generation is at greater risk of extinction from the vice. The private-public partnership has innovated various ways of sensitizing the society against the problem. In the poster below, the timeline of a smoker is measured against the length of time one smoked. In essence, the poster offers an intriguing scenario where victims of smoke apparently reduce their life span by estimated 14 minutes for every cigarette stick. This poster is relevant in the college set up where it serves to address the rising trend of young people smoking. Besides, the female victims face even a greater risk due to their reproductive role. The mode of presentation of this message constitute visual picture and text message which seek to assert the health related risk of continuous smoking. The campaign offers an insight into the relevance of rhetoric tools when it comes to creation of posters. Media always applies such techniques to enhance the conveyance of the message and yield significant response. ( The poster has a wide scope of rhetoric elements. In the first instance, the picture of a smoke makes it obvious that the problem under consideration is cigarette smoking. The measurement labeled against the sides of the cigarette conveys a message of how smoking gradually reduces the life of the victim. Basically the communicator is an expert in all facts surrounding smoking in the society. The audience targeted in this poster is the young people who still have more years of productivity if only they can shun smoking. The target audience is clearly evident in the message that accompanies the

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