Sunday, October 6, 2019

Health Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Health - Essay Example It also display Australian Health Care Agreement for equitable access for public health care irrespective of geographic location. Another article on medical dominance features the health division of labour, and a body of literature has developed exploring the structural components contributing to the subordination of the allied health professions. This article is taken from nursing literature describing the nature and source of nurses perceptions, complaints and dissatisfactions with their profession. It encompass the sociological analyses of the situation of nurses within the organization of the health care delivery system. Results indicated that Australian and British nurses were not only disappointed with many facets of then- work atmosphere, especially their pay and working conditions. The article manifests the medical profession to be highly satisfied for British nurses as compared to Australian nurses, due to lack of autonomy. It is therefore recommended that to have a congenial working atmosphere, a harmony must be established between the care takers, nurses and other staff and medical professionals Adamson, B., J., Kenny., D., T., Wilson-Barnett, J., 1994, The impact of perceived medical dominance on the workplace satisfaction of Australian and British nurses Journal of Advanced Nursing, Vol. 21(1), 172-183. Health care funding: the article describes about the various parameters which must be considered for providing health care funding. According to this article the first Health Policy consensus group paper examines 11 healthcare funding systems. These include: Normand, C. and Busse, R., ‘Social health insurance financing’, in Mossialos, E. Dixon A., Fugueras, J. and Kutzin, J. (eds.), Funding Health Care: Options for Europe, European Observatory on Health Care Systems, OUP, 2002. Health Care Policy: the article states that by collecting and analyzing health outcomes data it becomes

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