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Cultural Values in Things Fall Apart - 2425 Words

What are cultural values? Why are they essential to our lives? Cultural values are the lifestyles or way of life of a particular society. Within more or less ordered communities, cultural values give individuals a sense of identity within the community, and acts as a vessel of sustained unity that conducts our actions and affairs. For ex: In Nigeria, two characteristic’s associated with cultural values are strong family ties and village traditions that are expressed daily through the lives of Nigerian people. One of the many places exhibiting really profound culture values in Nigeria is the Umuofia village of the Igbo people. This village symbolizes great significance of cultural values, because it is clearly demonstrated throughout the novel Things Fall Apart. As a child Chinua Achebe was brought up in a Christian family in the village of Ogidi during the 1930’s. Ogidi was an early center of Anglican Missionary work in Eastern Nigeria (TFA, 1996). Although Mr. Achebe’s early life was heavily influenced by the Christian missionary, brought on by British colonialism Mr. Achebe did not let the outside influence of British Colonialism affect his work at school and the loyalty to his native culture. He was extremely focused to accomplishing his goal in academics. Recognized for his academic achievement Mr. Achebe was accepted into the University of Ibadan (TFA). While attending college Mr.Achebe began writing and publishing short stories, and followed those withShow MoreRelatedChinua Achebe s Things Fall Apart1538 Words   |  7 Pages In Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart, Okonkwo, the protagonist, experiences change from the cultural collision caused by the introduction of Western ideas into the Igbo culture. Okonkwo is the personification of the Igbo cultural values and morals, he is a true warrior, hard-working man that raises a surplus of staple foods, and a holder of many Igbo cultural titles showing proof of his dedication and work. Okonkwo is also one of the Egwugwu, an elder of the village that acts as a host for a godRead MoreThe Struggle Between Tradition and Change1056 Words   |  5 PagesENGL 2112 October 17, 2012 In Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe, the reader is taken on a literary journey to a Nigerian tribe, the Umuofia, to experience first-hand the struggles of a warrior named Okonkwo. At first glance, the novel appears to be written for a very specific audience: scholars familiar with Nigerian history, traditions, and culture. However, upon further examination the novel reveals itself to be a striking chronicle of human experiences, universal themes, and timelessRead MoreThings Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe1324 Words   |  6 Pagesthat response understood to people all over the world. Things Fall Apart was written in English to teach people worldwide of the struggles he faced and the people of Nigeria faced growing up. Many authors and critics have written about Achebe’s ‘Things fall apart’ adding their valued opinion on what he was trying to say and his decision to write in English. In the following essay I will be discussing why Achebe wrote the novel Things Fall apart in English and what messages he was trying to reveal,Read MoreAfrican Literature : Is It Truly Authentic?1214 Words   |  5 PagesAfrican Literature: Is it Truly Authentic? Now lets just say an Anthropologist went on to study an African cultural group in Nigeria. Now let s consider that Anthropologist went on to live exactly like that African group, and the Anthropologist decided to report his findings as if an individual from that cultural group was writing about the experience. Now think about the controversy that will be caused, and the debate regarding if this is truly African experience. Ever since the mid 1700’s toRead MoreImperialism In The 19Th Century Resulted In European Countries1726 Words   |  7 PagesImperialism in the 19th century resulted in European countries using social Darwinism to justify controlling the social and cultural lives of natives in African countries.When Chinua Achebe published Things fall apart in 1958, a novel criticizing the European aspects of imperialism, his aspiration was to teach readers that â€Å"their past-with all its imperfections-was not one long night of savagery from which the first Europeans a cting on God’s behalf delivered them†(Chinua Achebe on the Role of theRead MoreNigeria s Capital City1598 Words   |  7 Pagesto the title of the book, Things Fall Apart. Per the summary review in Cliff Notes on Things Fall Apart, history of Nigeria, the British claimed Nigeria to be their territory. The British government took over the role of the elders and began to control the population, religious missions and with the support of local Muslim leaders collected taxes. The British would search villages and massacre natives to control the population. The title of the book, Things Fall Apart, reflects the way the BritishRead MoreChinua Achebe s Things Fall Apart1410 Words   |  6 PagesTeddy Manfre Ms. Blass ENG 209-001 April 24, 2017 Things Fall Apart In 1958, Chinua Achebe a famous Nigerian author publishes one of his most famous novels Things Fall Apart. The novel takes place in a Nigerian village called Umuofia. During the time that this novel is published Nigeria is being criticized by the Europeans for being uncivilized. In response, Achebe uses his brilliance in this novel to express the valued history of his people to his audience. His focus in the novel is on the pre-colonizedRead MoreThings Fall Apart By Chinua Achebe1341 Words   |  6 PagesThings Fall Apart, by Chinua Achebe, is set in Nigeria during the 1890’s. The novel focuses on the clash between Nigeria’s white government and the culture of the Igbo people. Learning to Bow: Inside the Heart of Japan, by Bruce Feiler, covers Feiler’s journey to Japan to teach English and American culture for a year in the 1980’s. Throughout each novel, the reader is presented many different elements of each societies beliefs and culture. The central c onflict surrounding each novel involves oneRead MorePostcolonial Literature (Persepolis Things Fall Apart)1504 Words   |  7 Pagesï » ¿There are many different critical approaches to studying literature. With reference of both texts you have studied, show what you believe the value to be in using a particular critical approach. ‘Things Fall Apart’ by Chinua Achebe and ‘Persepolis’ by Marjane Satrapi follow a postcolonial critical approach. Both books take place in a country considered politically inferior through western perspective and both texts, even though reinforce colonialists’ oppressive ideology, don’t stand completelyRead MoreThings Fall Apart By Chinua Achebe1414 Words   |  6 PagesAisne Richardson Ms. Talbott English 10 Accelerated December 4, 2015 Things Fall Apart Test 1. What are the similarities of â€Å"The Second Coming† by W.B Yeats and Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe? In Things Fall Apart, it appears like things happen to fall apart at whatever point Okonkwo builds trust. On the other side, the substance of â€Å"The Second Coming† recounted a chaotic world and a base that couldn t hold as its very own inner conflicts. In addition to the synonymous feeling both the book

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